Wendell Community Chorus

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Wendell Community Chorus - Directed by Morning Star Chenven and guided by Moonlight Davis' mentorship, The Wendell Community Chorus has been uplifting audiences for eight years with their songs of justice, reverence, and liberation and welcomes people of all ages and experiences, believing that everyone can sing and all voices can come together to raise energy and create change. Their 2019 CD (shown above) is available for purchase and features music from many traditions and languages, from a marching song by Emma’s Revolution to uplifting gospel by Kirk Franklin, from the contemporary insurgent “One Day” by Matisyahu and “Happy” by Pharrell Williams’ to an ethereal soothing Sanskrit chant, and many more. To purchase a $15 CD for local pickup, please call Morning Star Chenven at: 413-363-3636 or email [email protected].